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Spectral analysis of multi-frequency reflections from rotating space object by method of differential electrophotometry

Autors: V. G. Andreyev, A. V. Fedosov, D. V. Avramenko

Key words: vector linear autoregression, differential photometry, spectrum, spectral parameter’s estimation, vector modeling of temporary ranks, redefined system of Yule – Walker equations, quasi inverse matrix, minimization of average squared error.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-3-10

Ahrs based on gaussian partial filter

Autors: V. A. Belokurov

Key wordsGaussian partial filter, AHRS, yaw, roll, pitch, MEMS gyro, MEMS accelerometer, MEMS magnetometer.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-11-16

Use of symbols with frequency modulation for joint estimation of time and frequency offset during ofdm signals reception

Autors: A. V. Bakke, I. V. Lukashin

Key wordspreamble, OFDM, estimation of time offset, estimation of frequency offset, lfm (chirp), multipath, frequency deviation, COST 259.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-17-23

Mathematical model of radiometer and possibility of superpermission

Autors: V. K. Klochko, O. N. Makarova

Key wordsradiometer, radiometric image, superpermission, recovery of images, resolution, contrast, mathematical model.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-24-30


Neural networks predictor speech signals

Autors: S. N. Kirillov, E. S. Sazonova

Key wordsartificial neural network, perceptron, linear regression network, FIR filter, predictor, speech signals.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-31-37

Study of the impact of acoutic noise on primary codec speech signals

Autors: V. T. Dmitriev, A. F. Yanak

Key wordsacoustic noise, primary encoding, speech signals, transmission of voice information, voice codecs.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-38-44

Quasisynchronous modes of phase system

Autors: S. S. Mamonov, A. O. Kharlamova

Key words: phase system, quasi-synchronous modes, limit cycles, timing, vector field rotation frequency amplitude of the fixed point, shift operator along trajectories.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-45-51



Planning bandwidth network channels during test aircraft

AutorsV. P. Koryachko, A. P. Shibanov, A. N. Saprykin, X. L. Fam

Key words: test aircraft, measuring information, data network, virtual channel, traffic balancing, deductions theory, distribution of frame transmission time, bandwidth, genetic algorithms, traffic visualization.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-52-57

 Recursive algorithm for calculating probabilities of loss and quantities of handled load

Autors: N. I. Myasin, O. V. Dedushkin

Key words: real-time service, Quality of Service, multi-service communication network, probabilities of loss, resource reservation, recursive algorithm.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-58-62

Indicators of quality of information and telecommunications network system protection protocol functioning

AutorsV. E. Dementev

Key words: stratified approach, indicator, accuracy, completeness, security, Protocol action, Protocol, Protocol system protection, network level, service network, average time, sign.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-63-70

Development of two-level classifier for elaborate multidimensional data of large apacities

AutorsL. A. Demidova, Yu. S. Sokolova

Key words: SVM-classifier, support vectors, kernel function type, kernel function parameters, regularization parameter, particle swarm algorithm.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-71-82

About one approach to the synthesis of electronic devices planar structures with function of rigid logic

AutorsV. V. Suskin, V. I. Potapov

Key words: flat structures of electronic means, graph, an edge of the graph, graph - theoretical approach, planarity, forbidden figures, algorithm, analysis, synthesis, trace.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-83-89

 To the question of assessing service time of transactions of data exchange in multiprocessor systems based on shared bus with shared memory

AutorsA. I. Martyshkin

Key words: simulation, analytical model, simulation model, system of mass service, transaction, a read operation, a record operation, multiprocessor system, "processor-memory" subsystem, memory architecture, memory bandwidth, memory controller, memory latency, buffer element.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-90-98

Development and analysis of stochastic model of road traffic with non-deterministic vehicles arrivals time law

AutorsA. S. Alyoshkin, S. A. Lesko, D. O. Zhukov

Key words: transportation network, stochastic dynamics of network nodes blocking, flow balancing, boundary value problem.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-99-106



Algorithm of typical objects recognition on urban environment images aiming at uncertainty zones reduction for mobile robots positioning

Autors: S. N. Kirillov, V. M. Berdnikov, E. V. Akopov

Key words: videopositioning, videonavigation, urban area, digital map, area relief contours.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-107-113

Combined object detection and parameters estimation algorithm for aerial navigation refueling vision system

AutorsS. E. Korepanov

Key words: aerial refueling, aircraft navigation, object tracking, parameters estimation, algorithm fusion.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-114-123

Evaluation of collecting and processing information system efficiency while testing complex technical systems during the usage of automatic measuring and control means

AutorsA. N. Pylkin, S. V. Filatkin

Key words: distributed systems, information-measuring systems, systems of gathering and measuring information, automatic measuring and control means.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-124-130

Method and device for measuring parameters of micrometeoroids motion based on optical systems

Autors: E. A. Schelokov

Key words: micrometeoroids, recorder, LED, mathematical model, photodiode, optoelectronic transducer, electrical method, device, system, "light plane".

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-131-135

Identification of separate test and real flat objects on dimensionless marks of contours of their two-graded images

AutorsS. S. Sadykov, Ya. Yu. Kulkov

Key wordsmachine sight, recognition of images, flat details, dimensionless signs, center of

gravity, turn of the image, image contour, training of recognition system.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-136-143

Wireless data technologies application on rocket and space technology products

AutorsE. A. Schelokov, A. N. Ovsyannikov

Key wordsdata transmission, wireless communication links, effective power, wavelength range,

dense layout, distribution of signal, receiver-transmitter, weight reduction, cables absence, rocket

and space technology.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-144-148




Reliability of restorable system with load-mixed reserve and individual switches

AutorsN. A. Smolyarov

Key wordsreliability, redundant restorable system, load-mixed reserve, individual switches, mean operating time to failure, reliability function, availability function, reliability gain to mean operating time to failure, reliability gain to downtime rate.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-149-154

Theoretical studies of the process of maintaining optimal temperature mode battery life in low temperatures

AutorsK. M. Burovsky, E. I. Lagutina, D. N. Strelkov

Key wordsbattery, temperature control, electric heating element, heat storage material, heat accumulator phase transition.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-155-162

Research of temporal coherence length measurement method

AutorsV. S. Zorkin, A. A. Kondrakhin, E. G. Chulyaeva, M. Yu. Kernosov, E. Yu. Gomozkova, G. V. Melnichuk

Key wordslength of temporal coherence, contrast, Michelson interferometer, path difference, support arm, modulation, piezoceramic substrate, intensity, He – Ne lasers.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-163-168



Increasing the efficiency of calculating the parameters of acoustic paths of magnetostriction converters of movement

AutorsYu. N. Slesarev, A. A. Vorontsov, S. V. Rodionov

Key wordsmagnetostriction converter,recommended distance, mathematical model resulting intensity.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-169-176

Analytical measuring complex for local investigation of current-voltage and capacitance-voltage characteristics of semiconductors

Autors: D. S. Kusakin, V. G. Litvinov, A. V. Ermachikhin

Key wordsanalytical measuring complex, current-voltage characteristics, capacitance-voltage characteristics, atomic force microscope, conductive AFM tip, semiconductors structures.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-177-182

Detailed study of slow traps in gate dielectric of mosfet using consecutive measurements of transient response

Autors: V. E. Drach

Key wordsgate dielectric, MOS structure, MOSFET, ID-VG, traps, charging, discharging.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-183-188