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Parametric spectral analysis of unimodal spectrum fornoisy signals

Autors: V. G. Andreyev, H. L. Tran

Key words: spectrum, spectral estimation, restoration of autocorrelation coefficients, autoregressive model, autoregression, power spectral density, MUSIC.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-3-8

The research of pull-in range increase method of relay phase locked loop system

Autors: S. I. Kholopov

Key wordsphase locked loop system, pull-in range, relay astatic phase locked loop system, discriminatory description, logical phase discriminator.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-9-15

Influence of radiometer antenna system on the accuracy of images recovery

Autors: V. K. Klochko, O. N. Makarova

Key wordsradiometer, antenna system, dual-channel signal processing, recovery of images, antenna characteristics.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-16-20

Optimal control of frequency resource in radio electronic systems on the basis of probability analysis of information conflict dynamics

Autors: А. K. Grishko

Key wordsradio system, radio-electronic devices, interference, electromagnetic compatibility.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-21-27


Method of time evaluation of required precision realization of radar location by two mobile direction finders

Autors: A. N. Byzov, Yu. V. Petrov, S. A. Yukhno

Key wordsartificial neural network, perceptron, linear regression network, FIR filter, predictor, speech signals.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-29-34

Conversion of amplitude probability distribution of envelope of atmospheric radio noise from one bandwidth to another using generalized empirical model

Autors: S. N. Tarasov, V. F. Osinin, S. I. Pastukhova

Key wordsatmospheric radio noise, distribution function, bandwidth, generalizing.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-35-41

Algorithm of speech quality integrated assessment in the communication channel

Autors: V. T. Dmitriev, D. S. Konstantinova

Key words: speech, acoustic noise, subjective evaluation of quality of terminal equipment, data transmission systems, voice quality assessment algorithm.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-42-47



Multi-level neural network approach to structures synthesis of function information converters

AutorsA. V. Antonenko, S. V. Chelebaev, Y. A. Chelebaeva

Key words: synthesis, system, functional converter, neural network, neuron, activation function, time slot, digital code.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-48-55

 Paired transitions algorithm in computer networks based on subnet routing method

Autors: D. A. Perepelkin, I. Yu. Tsyganov

Key words: computer networks, adaptive routing, fast rerouting, paired transitions algorithm, quality of services, network services, topology, segments, subnets, optimal routes tree.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-56-62

Computer cluster for solving tasks to ensure the sustainability of distributed information systems

AutorsA. N. Ivutin, D. O. Yesikov

Key words: island genetic algorithm, cluster, distributed information system, cluster structure, cluster parameters, multi-agent algorithm, computational modules, a cluster computing system.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-63-67

Applying the generic concepts as base abstractions for access to the universal model of data storage

AutorsD. E. Yablokov

Key words: universal data model, programming paradigms, refinement of concepts, data abstraction, generic iterator concepts and container classes adapters.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-68-74

The algorithm to improve the processability of making multilayer printed circuit boards

AutorsI. V. Drozhzhin

Key words: printed circuit board, density interconnect, chip, via, pad, build-up, Silting holes.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-75-81

Of information flow control efficiency in educational complex

AutorsO. N. Romashkova, T. N. Ermakova

Key words: educational complex, structural division, information model of administrative processes, information flow, volume of documents, incoming documents, creation, processing and transfer of documents, speed of document processing.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-82-87




The algorithm of video sequence shake suppression using modified tool for search and extraction of feature points constellations

Autors: S. N. Kirillov, I. V. Kostkin, A. V. Elyutin

Key words: video shake suppression, video processing, feature points, constellation of feature points.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-88-93

Principles of training facilities construction and the experience of creating simulator operational-tactical missile complex

AutorsV. M. Kashin, V. V. Belov, N. N. Vlasov, D. A. Vodichenkov

Key words: training facilities (TCB), types, structure, static and dynamic simulators, simulator 9Ф694-Alicesme simulators, simulator 9Ф694-E.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-94-104

The development and study of hybrid versions of particle swarm algorithm based on grid search algorithms

AutorsL. A. Demidova, I. А. Klyueva

Key words: particle swarm optimization algorithm; grid search algorithm; hybrid algorithm; test function; classification, SVM-classifier, optimization parameters, radial basis kernel function.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-105-116

Neural network for image recognition of magnetooptic materials domain structures

Autors: A. V. Bragin, R. R. Navletov, D. V. Pyanzin

Key words: neural network, training, labyrinthine domain structure, informative signs, magnetooptical materials.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-117-121

Analysis of technogenic environment by means of cyber-physical systems

AutorsV. N. Ruchkin, A. N. Kolesenkov, V. A. Fulin, V. V. Drozdova

Key words: cyber-physical system, CPS, forest-fire monitoring, RSE, sensors, fire, decisionmaking, clusters, microcomputer module MВ 7707, intellectual telecommunications structure.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-122-128





Increase of efficiency of nondestructive x-ray control of electronic modules

AutorsM. S. Grigorov, B. R. Ivanov, O. O. Basov, O. A. Ignatenkova

Key wordsnondestructive x-ray control, electronic module, x-ray multiimage, multipower X-ray analysis, automation, software and hardware complex.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-129-138

Neural network position control of dc motor

AutorsA.I. Bobikov, A.O. Bozvanov

Key wordsDC motor, non-linearities, angular position, PID-controller, adaptive controller, back propagation algorithm, neural network controller, regression.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-139-144




Enter of charged particles in fourier transform mass analyzer based on radio frequency monotrap

AutorsE. V. Mamontov, V. V. Zhuravlev, V. N. Dvoynin, A. A. Salikov

Key wordsRF ion trap, mass analyzer with Fourier transform, discrete planar electrodes, ion input system.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-56-2-169-176

Double gap cavity oscillator with monotron effect in the first interaction space

Autors: T. A. Glebova, А. А. Shishkov, V. I. Yurkin

Key wordsgenerator, double-gap resonator, in-phase oscillation mode, monotrone effect, extended interaction space, large voltage amplitude, efficiency coefficient.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-57-3-151-156