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The analysis of frequency difference signal spectrum of an instrument measuring thickness of fresh ice with frequency-modulated signal

Autors: V. V. Yezersky, I. V. Baranov, V. A. Bolonin, V. M. Davydochkin

Key words: measurement of fresh ice thickness, frequency modulated range finder, dangerous situations, criteria of detection.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-3-9

The research of object coordinate measurement accuracy by the optical marks in autonomous navigation system

Autors: A. I. Kalinkin, V. I. Koshelev, I. S. Kholopov

Key wordsPnP algorithms, cluster, SVD-decomposition, affine transformation, rotation matrix, Euler angles, geometric dilution of precision.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-10-17

Motion parameters estimation of a small object based on switching of motion models

Autors: V. A. Belokurov

Key wordsGaussian particle filter, tracking before detection, low signal-to-noise ratio, motion models switching, first-order Markov sequence.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-18-23

Parametric spectral analysis with gaussian shape unimodal spectrum for noisy signals

Autors: V. G. Andrejev, H. L. Tran

Key wordsspectrum, spectral estimation, restoration of autocorrelation coefficients, autoregressive model, autoregression, power spectral density.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-24-29


Enhanced efficiency radio transmitter of mobile object

Autors: E. V. Vasilyev, S. V. Kolesnikov, P. V. Zharikov

Key wordsunmanned vehicles, peak factor of radio signal, efficiency coefficient of radio transmitter, automatic amplitude control system, energy efficiency of transmitter.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-30-36




Data channel model with fault detection and disaster recovery

Autors: V. P. Koryachko, A. P. Shibanov, X. L. Fam.

Key wordsdata network, GERT-network, a first order loop equivalent simplifying transformations, the density distribution of the output values GERT-network queuing system M/G/1, Little's formula

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-37-41

Parallel algorithms of data sorting and their implementation on cuda platform

Autors: S. V. Skvortsov, T. A. Pyurova

Key words: device, grid, kernel, graphic memory, block, thread, host, sort.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-42-48

Parallelization of algorithms with use the semantic petri-markov nets

AutorsA. N. Ivutin, A. G. Troshina, D. O. Yesikov

Key words: concurrent programming, Petri-Markov nets, semantic relations, semi-Markov process, simulation, transition function, paralleling technology, semantic net.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-49-56

Quality split using modified algorithm of fuzzy clustering of research data and method of its construction

AutorsA. N. Pylkin, K. A. Maykov, A. V. Kroshilin, A. M. Belitsky

Key words: fuzzy clustering, the evaluation function, system of decision making support.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-57-63

3-D modeling of dangerous endogenous geological processes migration

AutorsV. A. Minaev, A. O. Faddeev, N. A. Kuzmenko

Key words: modeling, energy migration, dangerous endogenous geological processes, horizontal and vertical displacements, geological medium, seismic and volcanic processes.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-64-74

Associative coprocessor module based on fpga for specialized computer systems

AutorsA. I. Martyshkin

Key words: module, associative memory, addressing, coprocessor, computer system, memory cell, fixation reactions, analyzer of multiple coincidence, memory addressing, bus interface, hardware implementation, priority analyzer, write cycle, read cycle.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-75-82

Features of the truth table inversion in the fault tolerant finite state machine synthesis

AutorsS. F. Tyurin

Key words: Truth table, Disjunctive normal form, Inversion.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-83-87

Paraphase majority element with the spaser input

AutorsS. F. Tyurin. A. N. Kamenskikh

Key words: Majority element, CMOS Transistor, Self-Timed Circuits.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-88-93

Classifier for evaluating prediction by the user of hierarchical text menus on «like / dislike» scale

AutorsA. N. Varnavsky, M. V. Goubko

Key words: Truth table, Disjunctive normal form, Inversion.

DOI: : 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-94-99



Program implementation of reference raster map based on satellite images from «landsat-8»

Autors: A. E. Kuznetsov, A. S. Ryzhikov

Key words: control of georeferencing accuracy, reference raster image, identification of corresponding points, application programming interface (API), digital watermark.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-100-108

Projective distortion correction algorithm at low altitude photo/video shooting on the data from inclinometer and range meter

AutorsV. A. Maksimov, I. S. Kholopov

Key words: : low-altitude photo / video shooting, projective distortion correction, homography matrix, object contour, vanishing points, camera calibration, MEMS accelerometer.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-109-116

Low contrast and narrowband image coding based on nonlinear forming system 

AutorsM. V. Stremoukhov, M. V. Ilyushin, V. V. Dvoryadkin

Key words: low contrast and narrowband image coding; quality of image compression; parametric coding; nonlinear forming system; nonlinear relationships.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-117-122




Controllability «in small» in problems of dynamics of a micromechanical gyroscope

AutorsQuang Minh Vu

Key wordsmicromechanical gyroscope, forced linear oscillation, differential equations, controllability «in the small».

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-123-129

Control module of the program to define transfer functions of information-measuring system elements and units

AutorsV. F. Odinokov, S. I. Kholopov

Key wordstransfer function, linear circuits, circuit connections of transmissibility, topological modeling

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-130-139

Control and monitoring modules of information-measuring avionics systems

Autors: M. A. Ivanov

Key wordsinformation-measuring system, transceiver modules, L-range, avionics, design.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-140-145



Сomputer modelling of electron motion in orbitron vacuum sensor

AutorsV. K. Bazylev, A. M. Zhidkov, V. A. Korotchenko, V. E. Skvortsov

Key wordsorbitron vacuum sensor, сomputer modeling, motion of electrons.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-146-152

Reserch of dependence of correlation properties of nanostructured surfaces on the parameters of their relief

Autors: A. E. Lunyakov, N. V. Rybina, N. B. Rybin

Key words: : Nanostructures, order, quantum dots, surface, self-organization, average mutual information, maximal mutual information, two-dimensional detrented fluctuation analysis, correlation properties, scaling index

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-153-158

Researching the possibility to develop the capacitors with frequency dependent capacity

AutorsA. E. Chizhikov, I. S. Runkin

Key wordssingle-layer dielectric structures, dielectric permittivity, electrical conductivity of dielectric, migration polarization, electric capacitance, glycerol, electrode system.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-159-164

Power parameters of television system with sic – detector based on method of focus lattices for temperature measurement of gaz flows

Autors: M. V. Kazakova, D. V. Karachinov, D. A. Evstigneev, K. A. Zverev

Key wordsenergy calculation, contrast, luminosity, heat flow, point lattices, image, television system, SiC-detector.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2016-58-4-165-170