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Algorithms of two-stage recovery of radio thermal images

Autors: V. K. Klochko, S. M. Gudkov

Key words: scanning radiometer, radio thermal image, restoration algorithms, two-stage restoration, matrix methods, Wiener's filter, modeling.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-3-9


Comparative analysis of image recovery algorithms in two-channel radiometer

Autors: O. N. Makarova

Key wordsradiometer, dual-channel processing of signals, image recovery, radiometrical observations, recovery accuracy, recovery algorithms, passive radiolocation, signal accumulation time, millimeter range.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-10-14


Estimation of surface reflecting element coordinates in a board doppler radar station

Autors: V. K. Klochko, YU. R. Polikanov

Key wordscoordinates estimation, board radar station, multi-channel Doppler radar station, separation of spectral countings, monopulse method, phase method.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-15-23


The formation of transmitted ofdm signal energy under known coefficient of attenuation in communication channels with lognormal fading

Autors: К. А. Batenkov, V. R. Kravchenko, A. N. Oreshin, A. E. Mironov, A. A. Melnikov

Key wordsattenuation coefficient, error probability, pre-emphasis, OFDM, lognormal fading, signal energy, signal-to-noise ratio.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-24-29


The performance of block implementation of viterbi algorithm

Autors: V. V. Zolotarev, G. V. Ovechkin, P. V. Ovechkin

Key wordscommunication system, error-correction coding, Viterbi algorithm, convolutional codes, block codes, quasi cyclic code, cyclic trellis, decoder complexity.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-30-35


Random signal detection characteristics improvement under the influence of uncorrelated noise

Autors: A. JU. Narbekov

Key wordscorrelation matrix, eigenvalues, energy detection, Karhunen–Loewe transform

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-36-41


Choice of signals for hydroacoustic communication channels

Autors: B. I. Filippov, G. A. Chernetsky

Key words: hydroacoustic channel, efficiency of discrete information transmission systems, discrete messages transmission modems, noise proof coding.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-42-52




The conceptual integrity of programming languages

AutorsI. YU. Kashirin, O. I. Kashirina

Key words: conceptual integrity, programming languages, programming analysis, algorithmic algebras, programming tools, formal programming machines, program optimization, meta-level language tools, syntax and semantics of language constructs..

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-53-65

 Methodology of software project processes stability to risks in fuzzy conditions

Autors: V. G. Psoyants

Key words: risk stability, software project, quality criteria, network flow, data-flow optimization, fuzzy network model, fuzzy graph.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-66-74


Automatic check of automated control system functional blocks status and complex devices diagnostics

AutorsS. V. Vantsov, A. A. Khalyavina

Key words: diagnostics of complex devices, automated control systems, algorithms, avionics systems, types of control, combined control method, control program.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-75-80


Features of radiation hardened fpgas majority vote circuits

AutorsS. F. Tyurin

Key words: triple module redundancy, majority vote, minority vote, 3-state buffer.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-81-86


Combined method for correction of initial data in classification tasks

AutorsP. A. Gavrilov, K. A. Maykov

Key words: machine learning, classification, missing data, data preprocessing.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-87-92


Algorithms and software for natural language cardinal number processing and its results

AutorsA. V. Prutzkow, D. M. Tsybulko

Key words: computational linguistics, natural language processing, cardinal number translation, cardinal number processing algorithms, Internet network, Internet-application, working results of Internet-application.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-93-98




Object location detection in difficult vision conditions based on template matching method

Autors: S. M. Larionov, A. A. Selyaev

Key words: object localization, template matching method, difficult vision conditions, object, non-uniform background, criterion function, partial object occlusion, brightness gradient.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-99-105


Research of controllable mathematical model to develop the economic system with functional of consumption

AutorsM. T. Teryokhin, Y. E. Belova

Key words: consumption level, the amount of productive fund, the vector of consumption, initial volume, the volume of investments, fundamental matrix, rank of a matrix, minor, operator.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-106-113


Technological approach to the research of dynamic systems stability: system analysis of dynamic processes stability

AutorsV. V. Mironov, YU. S. Mitrokhin

Key words: system analysis, dynamic processes, stability, Lyapunov type functions, Lyenar, Van der Paul, La-Sall's system.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-114-126


Constructive approach to the research of dynamic systems stability: applied problems

Autors: V. V. Mironov, YU. S. Mitrokhin

Key words: system analysis, dynamic processes, stability, Lyapunov type functions, Lyenar, Van der Paul, La-Sall's system.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-127-135




Gas dynamics in active medium and bias instability of laser gyroscope

AutorsH. N. Dao, V. V. Klimakov, A. V. Molchanov, M. V. Chirkin

Key wordsring laser, laser gyroscope, bias instability, bilateral discharge, positive column, Penning ionization.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-136-144

Continuous immune self-adjusting pidcontroller of an object with delay

AutorsA. I. Bobikov, T. S. Bubnova, A. A. Popova

Key wordscontinuous systems, objects with delay, Smith’s predictor, immune controllers, PID-controller.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-145-151




The method of contactless determination of quantized hall resistance of 2d semiconductor nanostructures

AutorsA. A. Kornilovich, V. G. Litvinov

Key wordsmethods of diagnostics, quantum Hall effect, 2D-gas, Landau levels, microwave radiation, LS-coupling.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-152-157

Methods for improving the efficiency of energy supply of industrial enterprises

Autors: V. S. Ivanov, V. A. Ponomarev

Key wordsenergy efficiency, power, reactive power compensation, harmonic filters, transformers, filter-devices, power loss, thyristor, power cables.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-158-169



Problems of operation engineering infrastructure housing companies of rural settlements

Autors: V. A. Pushkin, O. V. Rozhkov, А. А. Fefelov, I. V. Gurov

Key wordsenergy audit, energy inspection, energy efficiency, temperature graph, heat networks, thermal imaging survey, thermogram.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-59-1-170-177