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Technologies of synthesis and analysis of digital signal processing devices adaptive to signal-noise environmentin radioengineering and telecommunication systems


Intellectual life support system of ground mobile robotics complex

Autors: S. N. Kirillov, V. M. Berdnikov, I. V. Kostkin, P. S. Pokrovsky, D. S. Semin, D. I. Lukyanov, E. V. Akopov, A. A. Lisnichuk, A. V. Elyutin, I. V. Lukashin.

Key words:  robotics complexes, positioning, navigation, video positioning, technical vision, compression and processing of video data, video shaking, structurally-protected radio link, universal radio signal generator, universal noise-proof encoder

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-6-16

Efficiency of spatial signal processing under the influence of element mutual impedances in antenna array

Autors: Yu. N. Parshin, S. I. Gusev, I. I. Frolov, S. V. Kolesnikov, P. V. Zharikov

Key wordsantenna array, mutual impedance, spatial structure, interference suppression, amplitude-phase distribution, intermodulation interference.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-17-26

Analysis of filter and process parametric models characteristics in frequency domain

Autors: V. I. Koshelev

Key wordsdynamic frequency characteristics of filters, transient process length reduction.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-27-32


Technologies of image processing in on-board systems of object detection, recognition and tracking

Image processing and recognition technologies in on-board technical vision systems

Autors: B. A. Alpatov, P. V. Babayan

Key wordsimage, object, detection, tracking, multispectral, fusion.

DOI: 0.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-34-44


Practical issues of the theory for wavelet-based encoding of noisy signals and images

Autors: Y. S. Bekhtin

Key wordswavelet transform, wavelet-based encoding of noisy signals, SPIHT, wavelet codec.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-45-52

Space technologies and earth remote sensing systems

The problems in processing of data from spaceborne hyperspectral and sar systems of earth survey

Autors: V. V. Eremeev, N. A. Egoshkin, A. A. Makarenkov, A. E. Moskvitin, V. A. Ushenkin.

Key wordsEarth remote sensing, hyperspectral image processing of, SAR data processing, imaging

models, imagery fusion, synthetic aperture radars, equalization of spatial resolutions, object selection.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-54-64

Intellectual methods and technologies of information transmission and processing in aerospace systems

Autors: A. I. Taganov, S. I. Gusev, A. N. Kolesenkov, M. V. Akinin, N. V. Akinina, O. V. Spirkina, V. G. Psoyants

Key wordsspace technologies, intellectual methods, space data transmission, aerospace images processing, analysis and environmental risks monitoring methods, geoinformation systems, ecological monitoring.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-65-74

Three-level earth remote sensing on the basis of cyber-physical systems

AutorsB. V. Kostrov, V. N. Ruchkin, A. I. Taganov, A. N. Kolesenkov

Key wordsground, air and remote sensing of the Earth, cyber-physics system, cloud computing, supercomputer, fire monitoring, sensors, decision-making risks, clusters, microprocessor module, intelligent telecommunications structure.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-75-82

Image processing in multi-spectral technical vision systems

Autors: A. I. Efimov, L. N. Kostyashkin, A. A. Loginov, E. R. Muratov, M. B. Nikiforov, A. I. Novikov

Key wordsImage processing, image superimposition, low-level sensors system, software stand.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-83-92

Design automation and software for high-performance systems and computer nets

Methods and technologies of design automation of high performance systems and computer networks

AutorsV. P. Koryachko, S. V. Skvortsov, A. P. Shibanov, D. A. Perepelkin

Key wordsGERT-networks, equivalent transformations, analytical functions, software defined networks, adaptive routing, multipath routing, load balancing, multi-threaded programs, multi-core processors, graphics accelerator.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-94-104

Designing the data network of optoelectronic devices during flying apparatuses testing

AutorsV. P. Koryachko, A. P. Shibanov, V. A. Shibanov, A. N. Saprykin, X. L. Fam.

Key wordsaircraft testing, measuring information, data transmission network, optoelectronic facilities, traffic balancing, theory of deductions, time distribution of frame transmission, bandwidth, genetic algorithms, traffic visualization.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-105-112

Effective multithreshold decoders for selforthogonal codes

AutorsV. V. Zolotarev, G. V. Ovechkin, P. V. Ovechkin

Key wordscommunication system, error-correction coding, self-orthogonal codes, multithreshold decoder, concatenated codes, decoder complexity, binary Gaussian channel, q-ary symmetric channel, erasure channel

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-113-122


The construction of medical expert systems for medical-technological process support

AutorsA. N. Pylkin, A. V. Kroshilin, S. V. Kroshilina, D. H. Doan

Key words:  the decision support system for medical decision making, medical knowledge base, medical expert systems, medical information systems.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-123-130


Methods and equipment to research the composition and structure of materials, devices of power and plasma electronics

Production engineering of planar discrete electrodes for ionic-optical systems of charged particles mass-analysers

AutorsE. V. Mamontov, V. S. Gurov, E. Ju. Grachev, A. A. Djagilev, V. N. Dvojnin, V. V. Zhuravlev, D V. Kirjushin, A. A. Salikov

Key wordsmass-spectrometry, quadrupole fields, planar discrete electrodes, time-of-flight massseparation of ions, Fourier transform of the induced currents.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-132-140

Quadrupole mass analyzers based on thin-walled hyperboloid electrode systems

AutorsV. S. Gurov, M. V. Dubkov, М. A. Burobin, V. V. Ivanov, A. V. Nikolaev, I. A. Kharlanov

Key wordsquadrupole mass filter, monopole mass analyzer, thin-walled hyperbolic electrode, electrolytic coating, sectional electrode system

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-141-147

Researches of the generator of high-voltage pulses with inductive energy storage and gas discharge current interruptor

AutorsN. M. Vereschagin, S. A. Kruglov, A. A. Seryozhin, S. G. Shatilov, K. D. Agaltsov

Key wordsthyratron, gas-discharge current interrupter, inductive energy accumulator, critical charge, break current; break time, turn-off time, electron-ion collisions.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-148-153

Generation of powerful pulses of magnetic field at INGIR-MEGA-15 installation

AutorsA. N. Vlasov, Yu. V. Cherkasova, M. A. Burobin

Key wordsgenerator, high-voltage vacuum solenoid contact, reed switch, capacitor bank, fieldgenerating system, solenoid, pulsed magnetic field, circuit time.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-154-162


Physics of semiconductors, micro- and nanoelectronics

The development of methods for studies of semiconductor materials and device structures for micro- and nanoelectronics

AutorsN. V. Vishnyakov, Yu. V.Vorobyov, V. V. Gudzev, A. V. Ermachikhin, D. S. Kusakin, V. G. Litvinov, A. D. Maslov, V. G. Mishustin, N. M. Tolkach, T. A. Kholomina

Key wordsmicro- and nanostructures, experimental investigating methods.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-164-170

Adaptive and intellectual methods and means of measurement and testing in complex objects

Automation methods and means to measure and test complex objects

Autors: A. M. Abramov, V. V. Bondartsev, S. G. Gurzhin, V. I. Zhulev, M. B. Kaplan, S. V. Nikitin, E. M. Proshin, G. A. Sadovski, A. V. Shulyakov

Key wordsstatistical analyzers of distribution functions, impulse tensometry, small radiotele-metry, digital oscillography, metrological tests automation.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-172-182


Biotechnical systems of chronodiagnostics and bioadaptive chronomagnetic therapy

Stages of integrated chronomagnetic therapy systems development

Autors: E. M. Grigoriev, S. G. Gurzhin, V. I. Zhulev, M. B. Kaplan, V. G. Kryakov, S. V. Nikitin, E. M. Proshin, A. V. Shulyakov

Key wordscomplex chronomagnetotherapy, magnetic field configuration, biotropic parameters, therapeutic exposure, bioengineering feedback.

DOI: 10.21667/1995-4565-2017-60-2-184-194