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V. A. Prasolov, PhD (technical sciences), Head of the Department, IPO «Institute of Engineering Physics», Moscow reg., Serpukhov; prasvit-1
D. A. Tokarev, post-graduate student, The Branch of the Military Academy of the strategic missile forces, Moscow reg., Serpukhov

The approach to increase probabilistic-temporal characteristics of information exchange in data transmission systems applying the combination of forward error correction scheme with repeated data transmission is considered. The aim of the work is to increase the reliability and efficiency of data reception by rational use of repeated requests accumulated on the receiving side. Different options to transmit check symbols of convolutional code are used as the scheme of encoding. The varieties of convolutional coding and majority checks combinations as well as the ways to distribute check symbols of a code according to blocks sent to a receiver successively using perforation technique are considered. The relevance of the research is caused by the necessity to increase reliability and efficiency in the process of transmitting data to the receiver in the conditions of the limitations on the possibility to change frequency-energy resource of data transmission system.

Key words: majority checks, convolutional code, repeats, probabilistic-temporal characteristics.

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